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Josie & Matthew J Haas are the Co-Founders of Haas Paranormal. They are veteran Paranormal Investigators who conduct a serious approach & study into the Paranormal. They have been investigating & researching the Paranormal for over 20 years. They have been featured on Paranormal themed TV shows such as Travel Channel's Paranormal Survivor. Matt has been featured on a new show called Paranormal Nightshift. Together they recently started a Haunted Objects Museum located in the basement of Historic Kingsland Manor in Nutley, NJ. Over time they have collected objects that allegedly have spirits attached to them as they put them on display to give the original ownership and the object's recognition. 

This is a volunteer Paranormal Research Organization. Paranormal Investigations are always FREE!  We do not charge for a Paranormal Investigation. We are prepared to help and investigate any location whether it is a private home, business, historic property etc;

We do not take any responsibility for damages of your personal belongings or property that is caused by alleged Paranormal Activity.

All of the Paranormal equipment, techniques and methods including flash photography or video will NEVER HARM or DAMAGE the environment or historic artifacts as well as any vintage paintings or photos. 

All Paranormal Investigations must fill out a questionnaire. A preliminary phone interview is scheduled prior to setting up the Investigation. A 2nd in person interview at the location will then take place to become familiar with the claims and property. 

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