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Fun Facts:

Paranormal Devices and Equipment will never damage or harm the environment. Most Paranormal Equipment is designed to document and collect data during a Paranormal Investigation. 

Fun Facts:


Flash Photography will not damage or harm any historic paintings, photos and artificats. 

Haas Paranormal was co-created by Matthew J. Haas and his wife Josie Haas. Combined we have over 25 years of experience into the research and study of the Paranormal. We have investigated some of the most notorious haunted locations across the East Coast and locally such as Eastern State Penitentiary, Fraunces Tavern Museum, P.T. Barnum Museum, St. Albans Sanitorium, Wildwood Sanitorium, Oheka Castle, Fire Island Lighthouse, Kingsland Manor to name a few...

We have been featured on a few Paranormal Themed TV shows such as Paranormal Survivor, Paranormal Nightshift and a documentary series coming in 2023 about the infamous Amityville Horror that will be aired on Epix. 

We have helped raise thousands of dollars for historic locations with our various Paranormal Public Events, Programs and Tours. 

Haas Paranormal is ready, able and willing to help you out whether you are a private home, family, business, museum or historic property. We cover the Long Island, NY Tri-State Region including New Jersey, Connecitcut and Hudson Valley area. Paranormal Investigations are always FREE! This is a voluntary organization.


Notorious haunted locations we have investigated!


Eastern State Penitentiary 


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Types of Hauntings

Residual Haunting

Intelligent Haunting

Poltergeist Haunting

Demonic Haunting

Human Haunting

What is the Afterlife?

Famous Quotes:

Due to the fact there are so many theories discussed among Paranormal Researchers, we can't say defenitvely what we can expect with life after death. Nor can we scientifically prove that ghosts exist. For now we can absolutely have a discussion or a debate about them. In theory, I would personally like to think that our bodies are a vessel carrying energy. Science says that everything is made up of energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Only created from one form into another. What if we are like the caterpillar? The caterpillar changes into a cocoon then forms into a beautiful butterfly. When the human species leave their human vessels, our energy changes into it's spiritual form.  That's the best way I can explain this idea.

What is a Ghost? Did you know that there's a difference between a ghost and a spirit? A ghost is a deceased person that is unaware they are dead. A spirit is an intelligence entity that is fully aware of their environment and can directly communicate with the living. 

Paranormal Research


Video Loop ITC Founding Father Klaus Schreiber


What is ITC?

ITC stands for Instrumental Trans Communication. It's the method in which Paranormal Investigator's use devices that utilize white noise within the audio and video spectrum to collect Electronic Voice Phenomena also known as EVP.

EVP's are unexplained voices reported to come from spirit only heard through playback of devices with audio recording capabilities.

Video ITC is a form of looping a video camera through a Television Video screen with no cable signal. The camera is recording the white noise coming from the Television Video signal and it is the idea that some Paranormal Research claims to have captured the images of the deceased. 

Below Haas Paranormal will be sharing our own case study and captured images using video ITC right here on our website. ( Coming Soon ).


Long Island's Notorious Local Haunts


King's Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric Center is a former mental hospital that now sits abandoned on Long Island. The institution, built in 1885, housed over nine thousand patients at its peak. A sprawling campus of 150 buildings, the hospital was a self-sustaining community with farming, construction, and food preparation on site, as well as its own power plants and railroad spur. Many of these 150 buildings have been demolished or have burnt to the ground since Kings Park began to decline in 1970.

The hospital started out as a farm colony, where patients tended the fields and grew their own food. This was the primary mode of therapy at the time, before any medications were available. Kings Park was established to reduce the burden on hospitals in Brooklyn that were overcrowded. The farm colony was considered the antidote to the dense and dirty city, where patients would get fresh air and open space.

In the few years after the farm colony was established, patient populations soared. Before the turn of the century, more wards were built, as well as a reservoir, steam plant and sewage system. During this time the conditions for patients at Kings Park were abhorrent, according to an 1893 state report. The report read, “the buildings were unsuitable and unhygienic, facilities inadequate, clothing insufficient and of poor quality, food often unfit for human consumption.”

By the 1930s, more buildings were constructed at the hospital as the patient population rose. The hospital had its own farmland, cow barn, piggery, butcher shop, tailor, morgue, and power plant.Kings Park was becoming an independent city, with its own high rise tower — the 13-story Building 93, funded by the Works Progress Administration. A former ward attendant who worked at the hospital for several decades remarked, “If there was one place in the country that was not affected by the Great Depression, Kings Park was it.”

After World War II, medical treatment for the mentally ill included pre-frontal lobotomies and shock therapy. Doctors believed that epileptic patients had improved moods after having seizures, and they wanted to replicate this effect through electroshock treatment. Lobotomies, an even more brutal method of treatment, were surgical procedures where doctors inserted a metal tool into a patient’s brain through their eyelid. The doctor would violently sever the neural connections between the pre-frontal cortex and the rest of the brain. After the operation, lobotomized patients resembled zombies, becoming passive and docile.

The patient population reached its peak in 1954 at 9,300 patients. In the years following, the population began to steadily decline due to the introduction of new drugs for treating mental illness. It eventually closed it's doors in the early 1990's. 


Camp Hero, Montauk

Camp Hero was originally the site of the Montauk Airforce Base and commissioned in 1942. There have been many conspiracey theories surrounding this site. Mind Control, Montauk Project, Time Travel which all inspired the hit TV show show on Netflix called Stranger Things. 

Lake Ronkonkoma

The most prevalent legend is about Princess Ronkonkoma, an Indian princess who died at the lake in the mid-1600s. One version of the story is that she was walking across the ice one winter when she met and fell in love with an English woodcutter named Hugh Birdsall, who lived across the lake. However, her father—chief of the Setauket tribe—forbade their relationship. So every day for 7 years, she would write letters on pieces of bark, row to the middle of the lake, and float the letters across the lake to Hugh. Then, after all those years of being kept apart from her love, she rowed to the middle of the lake and stabbed herself to death.

Amityville Horror

On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six members of his family at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house situated in a suburban neighborhood in Amityville, on the south shore of Long Island, New York. It was suspected by a few that the motive was under supernatural influences. 

A year or so later The Lutz family moved in and started to experience Paranormal activity almost immediately. The activity became overbearing and they fled their new home in just 28 days leaving everything they owned behind. 

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