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About Us

With over 20 years of experience. Haas Paranormal is a volunteer organization that was Co-Created by well seasoned Paranormal Investigator's Matthew J. Haas and his wife Josie Haas. We offer a serious, professional, scientific research and study into the Paranormal. Paranormal Investigations are always FREE! We also provide Lectures and Presentations with the purpose of Paranormal Education. Haas Paranormal can help preserve Historic landmarks in various ways. Inquire within about our public program services that have helped raise over thousands of dollars through our programs.

Haas Paranormal is here to help those within the Long Island, NY tri-state region such as Long Island, NYC, Staten Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and parts of Pennsylvania. We are prepared to take on any type of location whether it's a private home, museum, business establishment, historic property etc; Paranormal Investigations are kept discreet at all times. 


What is the Afterlife?

The easiest way to describe the definition of a ghost is that we like to think or believe that a ghost is the deceased spirit of a loved one who has passed on. That could be just a glimpse of a real understanding of a ghost. But there appears to be a bigger, perhaps another reality when our time no longer exists on this plane of existence. At least that is a discussion among many. The one question every human being wants to desperately know is if there is an afterlife? Where does our consiousness go? Where do our memories go? Does the energy of our body and soul just vanish into nothing? According to true scientific studies by scientists and doctors who interviewed individuals that have had Near Death Experiences that claim to have indeed crossed over and entered another state of reality that was beyond this life. For them it was real and it was beautiful. It was the most comforted feeling they ever experienced. There were reports of loved ones that have passed on many years before them, to greet them with open arms. I refuse to think there is just nothing when we die. That our bodies and flesh decompose and rot over time. There's enough literature and scientific study that suggests there is definitely something out there beyond. The bottom line is, we truthfully don't have an understanding just yet. 


Long Island Local Haunts


Amityville Horror House

One of the things Long Island is famous for is the infamous Amityville Horror House! In 1974 Ronnie "Butch" Defeo murdered his entire family with a rifle. Soon after, The Lutz family move in and all hell breaks loose. The Lutz family claimed that blood dripped down the walls, hundreds of flies would appear out of no where. The activity would get so bad it drove George Lutz mad! Eventually several iconic movies were filmed and books were written about their experiences and history of the house that dates all the way back to the 1600's. 


Camp Hero, Montauk NY

 In the 1650s the Montaukett Indians were ambushed by a warring tribe near the Montauk Plaza; the same spot where Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders were quarantined after the Spanish American War. Native American spirits supposedly still wander here, while soldiers snatched away by yellow fever still seek respite. Camp Hero, Montauk. Rumor has it that not only is the former airforce base which now serves as Camp Hero State Park (and the inspiration behind Stranger Things) haunted, but the entire town of Montauk is filled with hotspots of spooky happenings. It is said that Camp Hero is haunted by non-human spirits, creatures, and the unsettling history of all that took place here.

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Lake Ronkonkoma NY

One of the area’s most serene spots for canoeing is also home to the ‘Lady of the Lake,’ a young Indian maiden whose true love was slain by a settler. She drowned herself and it is said to this day haunts the lake. Other legends say that the Lake is bottomless. This was also rumored to be a spot where local mafia used it as their victims dumping ground. 


Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Originally known as King's County Hospital was established in 1885. It has been closed and left abandoned since 1996. Due to the unorthodox medical practices and the poor treatment of the patients, it is believed to be one of the most haunted locations of Long Island.  


Raynham Hall Museum

Established in the early 1700's by Samuel Townsend.  Raynham Hall is said to be haunted by British major John Andre, Hanged for conspiracy during the Revolutionary War Spy Ring. It is also believed that Sally Townsend, the owners’ daughter who died of a broken heart (after receiving the nation’s first Valentine), also haunts the house.


FACT: Paranormal Equipment will not harm or damage the environment. 

SLR Camera

FACT: Flash Photography will not harm or damage historic photos, historic paintings or ancient artifacts. It is an idea that flash photography can document phenomenon that we cannot see with the human eye.

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