IPS Role: Investigator in Training, Sensitive 

I am the newest to our group. My initial introduction to Island Paranormal Society came through my good friend and physic Julie Garzino Riegel. I had explained to her the experiences I was having in my home and asked if she knew someone who could help me. Without hesitation Julie gave me the contact information of one Virginia Centrillo physic and good friend to my team lead Matt. She knew exactly the right person and team to put me in touch with without hesitation. Upon receiving Matt’s phone number, calling and discussing with him my concerns immediately I was put at ease knowing he was willing to come investigate and help me with this issue. 

Appointment scheduled no hesitation. The team leader Matt was very professional and explained everything to me as to what they were going to do. As I observed the process of the investigation I realized there was much more interest in the paranormal for me then just this night. Matt having the keen sense of this, invited me to be an active member to a great group of investigators and people. So now I’m an investigator in training and experiencing situations that are truly memorable. I am part of the research team on our investigations and truly look forward to experiencing the experience. 

Theresa Fusco