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Below are guidelines that Island Paranormal Society "TEAM LEADERS" have set forth to ensure that locations receive the utmost professional Paranormal Investigation. All team members must follow these guidelines! If guidelines are frequently broken, it can result in asking you to depart indefinitely. 

1. No drinking alcohol, no smoking, no weed during a Paranormal Investigation. If you smoke cigarettes, please smoke in accordance to state law. Smoke 25 feet - 50 feet away from the property.


2. Do not wear obscene clothing that will offend both team members and locations we work with. Dress professional. Team members have the option of buying a team polo shirt for $25.00.


3. Please refrain from wearing cologne or perfume. Some cases report claims of phantom odors.


4. Respect your team members & follow the chain of command. We are all adults. If there is an internal problem or dispute among team members, if it cannot be handled like adults then address it with a team leader. If the problems persist during a Paranormal Investigation, you will be asked to leave. 


5. Respect the location we are investigating. If there are signs that say please do not touch, please follow them. They are there for a reason. Do not wander where we do not have permission to investigate. If you break it, you buy it.

6. You are solely responsible for your own personal belongings. IPS is not responsible for personal injury or damage of personal belongings before, during or after a Paranormal Investigation.

7. Please respect the ghosts, spirits, demons etc. We do not encourage provoking. Treat them how you would want to be treated.

8. The Case Management Department handles all locations communication and cases. There is no reason why a team member who is not part of the case management department to contact locations unless it is specifically requested. Please check the team members section to see who is a part of the case management department.

9. Do not add locations, owners, management of these properties to your Facebook or social Media.

10. Be responsible for any equipment that a team member or Island Paranormal Society might provide during a Paranormal Investigation. If you break it, you buy it and replace it.

11. All team members must attend team meetings that are scheduled before a Paranormal Investigation. If you frequently miss meetings, you will be asked to depart from the team indefinitely. 

12. You must have reliable transportation and be able to travel within these state regions: Long Island, NYC, Staten Island, Hudson Valley, New York, NJ, CT and PA. 

13. You must be willing to investigate all year long. We only take breaks during the Holiday season.

14. We do not discuss location information in the public without the written or verbal consent by Island Paranormal Society team leaders or the owner of the location.

15. Do not share "EVIDENCE or FINDINGS" on your Facebook page or Social Media without verbal or written consent by Island Paranormal Society team leaders.

16. Do not share "EVIDENCE or FINDINGS" with the location or their owners without the verbal or written consent by Island Paranormal Society team leaders.

17. The Island Paranormal Society are extremely humble and professional how we handle ourselves in the public eye. Public behavior displays our character and integrity. We practice being professional at all times, despite agreeing or disagreeing about the discussion.

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