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Ron Yacovetti

IPS Role: Investigator, ITC Specialist 

Since a very early age, Ron Yacovetti has been fascinated with the idea and possibilities of the Paranormal or Supernatural. Originally from NJ, where he now resides with his son, Ron began investigating during his 14 years living in Los Angeles, CA. That timing has allowed him to have investigated some of the most famous haunts such as The Queen Mary in Long Beach CA, David Oman House and The Glenn Tavern Inn. 



Ron has been fortunate enough to work with a few very reputable Ghost hunting team's and is presently an active member of NY based Island Paranormal Society. His areas of greatest interest are ITC and EVP work.


With an odd and unique background of being a stand up comedian, working with fighters in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing, and now 7 years deep into investigating the Paranormal, Ron says he's looked fear in almost every eye it has to gaze in.


And, Ron is extremely grateful for every bit of it because it has placed him among some incredibly kind and brilliant people who he'd otherwise never have had a chance to know. 


Ron can be found not only investigating with his team IPS, he is also a collaborator with Unscene Paranormal, a speaker, the host of his own series ParaNORMALity,  and a news reporter for Paranormal 13 News, airing on Comcast, Roku, Amazon Prime, Dish Network and Direct TV to name a few. 

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