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IPS Role: Co-Founder, Director, Case Manager


I have always had an interest in the Paranormal ever since I was a kid. I remember taking books out of the library about UFO’s, Bigfoot, Lochness Monster and Ghosts. I even noticed the librarian looking at me as if I had 5 heads on my shoulder. When I first got into these subjects as a kid, the Paranormal at the time was still taboo to talk about.

I had a horrific car accident in the late 90’s. I was extremely thankful to walk away with only some minor cuts and bruises. As I climbed out of the back-passenger window, checking myself to make sure all my limbs are intact, I looked back at the car in complete shock as it was nearly wrapped around a huge tree. The words from the police officer who arrived at the scene, remains in my head today as he said how are you walking away from this is a miracle. At that moment, I remembered I didn’t have a seat belt on. The officer told me I should have been thrown out of the car from the impact, as I was struck by a huge suburban truck.

Since that day, I had more and more questions than answers about the Paranormal. It was in the late 90’s I became part of a big popular Paranormal UK based online Community called Unexplained Mysteries. It was around this time period I was given the opportunity to start my own Paranormal blog. It was also in the late 90’s is when I heavily decided to venture into becoming a serious Paranormal Researcher. I joined my first Paranormal group on Long Island called The LISPR in 2003. It wasn’t long after that I had decided to start my own ghost adventures. The very first team I created was called LIGHT Paranormal Research. It stood for the Long Island Ghost Hunting Team. This team lasted until 2008. It was when I met my wife and established together The Island Paranormal Society in 2009. I am not bragging, I have literally hundreds of investigations under my belt. 

In 2014 I established Paranormal Talk Radio and became a prominent public figure. I have interviewed some of the very best in the field from Dr. Barry Taff to Modern Day Indiana Jones Dr. Zahi Hawass, Renown UFOLOGIST Stanton Friedman, Keith Age, Brad Klinge and many, many more. It was my decision to dissolve Paranormal Talk Radio and go in a new fresh direction in 2018. Not only did I find a high interest in radio, it led me to find a new passion in public speaking. I have lectured at many widely recognized Paranormal conferences across the east coast. Island Paranormal Society host their own Paranormal public events to help raise money for historic locations. I have a new video podcast with my partner Dave Schumacher called The 5th Dimension.

I also co-created a production company called Splitfoot Productions with my partner from Seekers Club of the Paranormal Anthony Simonelli. Where we are filming a wide variety of projects from short films, web series and documentaries.

It was only a few years ago when I joined the Dominion Ministry which was introduced to me by Demonologist James Annitto. It was James who took me under his wing, he became my mentor to study Demonology. I still continue to work with them under the tutelage of Renown Demonologists Keith & Sandra Johnson, Mandi Brown and others.

I am very, very proud of Island Paranormal Society. We have fun and everyone contributes to the team. I believe in maintaining integrity, respect and professionalism. Some of my mentors include such public figures as The Ghost Boy of Geneseo  Christopher DiCesare, Virginia Centrillo, Mark Keyes, Chip Reichenthal, Adam Blai, Vince Wilson just to name a few... 

Matthew J Haas

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