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Haas Paranormal Research Center

Brief History: The house was built around 1914. This time period was coined as the Georgian Era. It was built by renowned horticulturist and philanthropist Frank Bailey. The estate is over 100 years old.

It was converted to an Arboreturm and Public Park cared for by Nassau County in trbute to the Bailey family.

Paranormal Reports: Figure of a man has been seen in the dining room from outside when no one was inside the building.

A mirror that was well anchored by maintenance workers has said they found the mirror broken on the floor in a room on the 2nd floor and claimed the mirror fell by itself for no apparent reason. 

The in house Paranormal Team have heard multiple disembodied voices and have seen and heard a little girl's voice by the main staircase. 

LIVE POV Cameras

LIVE Static Cameras

LIVE Comments

In this section here you will be able to watch select Paranormal Investigators wearing a special POV camera and follow them during the LIVE Investigation. Click on the box below and it will expand to a bigger view. Each POV camera will have a different Paranormal Investigator. You will be able to watch and listen to the action as it takes place. 

POV Camera #1

POV Camera #1

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