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IPS Role: Co-Founder, Team Leader, Interviewer

I always had an interest in the Paranormal ever since I was a young age. I had very scary experiences in the home where I grew up which was a historic house built in the late 1800’s. In 2007 is where I traveled to Estes Colorado to visit the notorious haunted Stanley Hotel. There I met Ghost Hunters from the SyFy Channel which whom inspired me to become a Paranormal Investigator. Not long after my visit to the Stanley Hotel, I joined my first ever Paranormal team which was called The LISPR. It was a very well-known Long Island TAPS family affiliated group. Unfortunately, the group I was a part of disbanded and the members who left, formed a new group called Knight Paranormal. This is how I met my husband Matthew J Haas. Knight was networking with Matt’s team at the time called LIGHT Paranormal back in 2008. After hitting it off with Matt well, eventually I joined Matt’s group. LIGHT got dissolved in 2009 Matt and I co-created the Island Paranormal Society.

Island Paranormal Society has been established since late 2008 early 2009 and going strong for 11 years. I am extremely proud of the members we have. They all bring something different to the table. The current Island Paranormal Society Team are a good group of people. We have fun but also take investigations seriously when we need to be serious. The reward for me is that the team can think of solutions as we come up with conclusions to help people.

Josie Haas

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