IPS Role: Team Leader, Case Assistant Manager, Investigator


Born and raised in Saint James New York , my family has been in this town since the late 1890’s. I have always been into the paranormal since I was around 13, had a personal experience when i was a young boy. I woke up one night to hearing the closet door in my bedroom slide open when I looked over to it I saw a shadow figure walk out of it towards me, I could hear soft foot steps as it moved closer and as most are I was terrified and hide under the covers as if that would protect me. This happened a short time after my grandfather had passed and my Dad had said one day not long after his passing that he had woke up and saw his father standing next to a dresser at the foot of his bed and he smiled at him as if he was telling him he was okay. Since then understanding what happens after death and is there some type of after life has always been in the back of my mind. When I was a teen I use to go to Mary’s grave in Nissequogue with friends and at times by myself to see if anything would happen. There was also a abandoned building at a small beach in the Head of the Harbor which I use to go to and sit in it as long as I could with out running and screaming, that is were I heard my first disembody voice.


I joined the IPS team at the end of 2017 and have learned a lot from all the team members. I am more of the quiet one on the team i consider myself as the observer of the group more then anything, I sit back watch listen and see how everyone does there on thing, it is amazing to me how everyone has there own styles of investigating and there own theories. I try to take a little bit of each persons styles of investing and there theories and incorporate them in the way I investigate it is how I learn and see what gets a reaction.My favorite equipment to use while investigating is ITC equipment I like real time communication I use a lot of apps, spirit boxes. When I am not with the team doing investigations or events I read and study everything from different religions to Witch Craft, Pagan, Wiccan, Demons and everything in between as a paranormal investigator I believe you should know a little about everything to become a well rounded investigator , you never know the situation you will walk into when out doing this type of work.


I got into this for two reasons one is to answer that age old question is there anything after this life and to help people who are being haunted buy a unseen force it is something I enjoy doing. I couldn’t be happier being part of the ISP team and looking forward to growing and become a more of a well rounded investigator and a valuable member of the group. I have been in a number pf places with the group so far and consider myself more of a skeptical believer, I personally don't have a lot of personal experiences but have had some unexplainable things happen that keep me moving forward and want to learn more and have more of those experiences. In the last few months as a personal side project which I do on my own outside the group is researching and investigating the more negative side of the paranormal. 

John Koualczuk