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Do you charge any money?

Paranormal Investigations are always FREE and DISCREET!

Are you affiliated with a Paranormal TV show?

Island Paranormal Society are not affiliated with any Paranormal TV show.

Can your organization provide a million dollar insurance policy?

No. Island Paranormal Society is a volunteer organization. We do not get paid or make money. We are hopeful because we volunteer that if we request a Paranormal Investigation that the location can be understanding and volunteer their time as well.

Can you conduct a Paranormal Investigation during business hours?

We do not under any circumstances schedule a Paranormal Investigation during business hours. Island Paranormal Society is a volunteer organization. We do not conflict with anyone's weekly work hours.

Paranormal Investigations take place on a Friday or Saturday night.

Why are Paranormal Investigations scheduled only after business hours?


Island Paranormal Society do not want to conflict with daily business operations and do not want daily business operations to contaminate or interfere with the Investigation.

For example, if a claim is the location is encountering an apparition. If we capture an apparition on video or photo we want to make sure it is not a live person.

EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomena ) is one of the most common pieces of Paranormal Evidence collected during a Paranormal Investigation. They are from an unknown low frequency and can sound like whispers. Locations must be quiet at all times. This is another important reason we schedule Paranormal Investigations after business hours.

We keep Paranormal Investigations simple, small and quiet. 

Can my relative or friend watch the Paranormal Investigation?

If it is a private home investigation the answer is no. We do not want to risk putting additional family members in any kind of danger.

If it is a museum or historic location, we request there only be one person present during the investigation. They can watch the investigation take place from the DVR surveillance system we set up. 

Can we publish this in a newspaper or social media?

We are not looking to become famous or rich. Our goal is to help people and educate the Paranormal community. We will never publish evidence or findings without the verbal or written permission from the owner or management. Otherwise Paranormal Investigations are kept confidential at all times.

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