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Paranormal Equipment

Paranormal equipment, methodology and tools that Paranormal Investigators use do not "PROVE" the existence of ghosts, spirits, demons etc.

Paranormal Investigators have to use their best judgment with any findings or results.

All of the equipment that is used are strictly experimental. The Investigators that use them are well trained to use them for a Paranormal Investigation. 

Not everything is Paranormal!

The heading is correct. Not everything is Paranormal! Sometimes powerlines, electrical outlets, electrical boxes, appliances can give false positives.

It is imperative that Paranormal Investigators rule out every logical explanation.

Believe it or not, cell phones, radios, walkie talkies can interfere with some of the Paranormal equipment. RF Radio Frequencies can make EMF meters go off.

It is said by the National Institute of Environmental Earth Sciences that a high Electromagnetic Field can affect a person's health. 

The Trifield EMF Meter!


It is said the best EMF Meter ( Electromagnetic Field ) to use for detecting EMF is the Trifield Meter. This particular meter detects three different types. It measures AC, RF and Microwave.




It is highly debated that the movie Poltergeist inspired the idea of ITC. 


It was Frank Sumption that originally designed the first Spirit Box. Frank wanted to communicate with Alien life from space and developed a box he thought could communicate with extraterrestrial life. It was dubbed as Frank's Box.

The P-SB7 Spirit Box

The P-SB7 Spirit Box is said to focus and sweep with the frequencies where EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomena ) most often occurs. It works by scanning the FM and AM band along with a high frequency synthetic noise also known as "white noise" where spirits are able to form words.

Mobile SLS Camera

( Structured Light Sensor )

A device with a variety of sensors and infrared sensors with software capable of mapping out what we don't see with the human eye and builds a 3D image on a tablet screen.


The IPS love multi-meter tools. Less to carry in our hands!

This MEL Meter is designed to detect EMF, Temperature and emits it's own EMF therefore with the idea that if anything were to break the field around the antenna the MEL will then sound an alarm. 

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