Island Paranormal Society is a volunteer organization. We do not get paid or accept money for Paranormal Investigations. We do not carry insurance or have a personal attorney. With that in mind, please read our DISCLAIMER carefully. Thank you for your cooperation and utmost understanding.  

  • The moment we enter a location or private home investigation, we will not be liable for personal injury or damage to personal belongings that is caused by something that Island Paranormal Society deems "Paranormal" before, during or after any Paranormal Investigation.

  • The Island Paranormal Society will not accept a private home investigation unless the owner completes a preliminary phone interview, questionnaire and in person interview that is part of the preliminary process.

  • The Island Paranormal Society can't help you unless you are willing to accept help!

  • The Island Paranormal Society will not accept a location or private home investigation with the claim of a demonic haunting. We are affiliated with the Dominion Ministry LLC who are connected with the appropriate authority figures who can better oversee your claim such as a demonologist or exorcist. We will give you a preliminary phone interview, questionnaire and in person interview before we pass your case along to them.


  • We are not affiliated with a Paranormal TV show. We will not accept a case if you are looking to become famous or try to make money with your claims.


  • Again, we do not get paid. We volunteer. Everything we do is out of our own pockets. We cover costs for our own travel, hotel, gas and food. Any accommodations would be greatly appreciated.